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Affordable Car Servicing and Maintenance


Regular servicing ensures that your vehicle is in top mechanical condition and reduces the chance of a breakdown. We offer our vehicle maintenance and servicing packages to the general motoring public as well as contract customers whose fleets we maintain at given service intervals. We know confidence that your car is in a roadworthy condition is very important to you. All our staff are trained to service and inspect your vehicle to the highest level. Regular servicing means better fuel economy, safety, and reduced risk of costly repairs.


Remember that having your car serviced with us will NOT void or affect your manufacturer's warranty in any way. At Enigma we only use quality parts and lubricants.

Basic Servicing

Our basic service price starts from only £59. This price includes replacement of engine oil and oil filter. Oil filters require changing as they become clogged with debris over time. In order to ensure maximum efficiency, oil and oil filters should be changed at regular intervals.

Full Servicing

Our full service includes more thorough checks of brakes and suspension geometry as well as replacement of spark plugs and pollen filter if necessary.

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