Computer- Aided Diagnostics

At Enigma we can diagnose any Warning lights to any running problems using our latest Computer diagnostic equipment. We are able to give a full read out of the listed fault codes and provide written quote to repair those faults in compliance with the manufacturer guidelines and to standards governed by VOSA.


What makes a warning light come on?

Today our vehicles are built with intricate electrical and inter-related systems. On-board computers simultaneously monitor and store information as it relates to the performance of your vehicles systems. A warning light will illuminate because the computer has triggered a signal or code from one or more parts that have gone outside of its normal operating range. The computer will then send a signal to turn on the light in your dash to let you know something is not right. In some instances, this can alert you to a safety hazard. That's why it is recommended to have your car looked at by a certified professional as soon as possible.


Typical Driveability issues that require a diagnosis on your vehicle include:

  • Any warning lights on the dash that are illuminated (Check Engine Light, ABS, etc.)
  • Emissions failures
  • Engine or transmission performance        
  • Steering and ride control

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